Strategy and Identity

Final outcome

Initial Research

Reference: Chanel, (2011). Coco Mademoiselle: The Film - CHANEL. [video] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Perfume advertisement for Channel, Coco Mademoiselle

featuring Keira Knightley

Hyper sexualisation in perfume and cologne ads have been seen throughout the 2000s as the main means to better promote the product. But is this the only way? 

First scene is of Knightley lying naked in bed with only bed sheets to cover herself and escalates quickly as she speeds through Paris roads in a tight fitted leather suit driving on a motorcycle to a photoshoot. She sexually edges the photographer on to have sex but obviously she slips away as he locks the door. 

Why must this be the best way for this type of promotion? It makes the product seem like the only means to lure a man into bed… “You can attract a man just like me!”. On the other hand, women's perfume are also advertised with celebrities provocating the idea of a strong women, "With this I can do anything!". Or really feminine elements, like for Dior perfumes, with the celebrity smiling and laughing to the camera but not actually doing anything...


Idea 01

Idea 02

Interim Crit

Soo's animation (rough-cut)

Download soomovie.m4v [0.27MB]


Filming angles

Costume and bulge 

clothes change scene

Finalise logo slogan name 


Her leaning against table 

No man in frame while looking around

Camera is the guy! Girl look at camera body slightly towards camera 

Hump all the way through 

Dick boner face half body shot he and she


Reference: Selfriges, (2016). Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry - He She Me. [video] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Comissioned by Selfridges for Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherri, ‘He, She, Me’. Celebrating fashion without definition. 

This music video is for the campaign Agender. It focuses on the importance of different types of people that could express themselves however they want through fashion.

Main character enters with other dancers/models seemingly withdrawn and with doubt, maybe for ze own identity (sees zeself in the mirror)? More diversed group of people including children and an older model increases her confidence and freely dances more expressively. A model sitting down seems to direct the main character to the direction of her own reflection, she now sees a better ze.

To me the mirror is an important part of the interpretation. It’s like the actual campaign where they slowly integrate menswear with womenswear. The idea was the slow build up of ze confidence and expressions! However, I wonder if the choreographer, Ryan Heffington has evoked the concept of this in the dance (does the movements have specific meaning? Or is it just an overall 'feel' of the idea?)

Idea: Using dance as the main push. But video or performance piece? And what would it be about?


Reference: Burberry, (2016). Mr. Burberry. [video] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Cologne advertisement for Mr. Burberry by Burberry

featuring a couple’s life together in a hotel room, showing them only as they wake and sleep. But each scene see they sexually touching each other, kissing and hands all over each other.

Obviously the male model sprays on cologne and quickly cuts back to them sleeping together.

Compared to women’s perfume, men’s seem to be more provocative and risqué. As a female I feel that most of these have to either feature a celebrity either showing their bodies or getting ready (shaving, to show their jawline and facial hair. putting on clothes with shadows casting on their bodies, making them look larger. etc. 

Either way both approaches seem very limited and too sexually orientated.

Are there other ways to promote this type of product? Without the use of the idea of sex...  Why are scents limited to genders? 

idea: create a unisex scent, incorporate slugs (sliminess, moist). How to showcase this?


Soo's idea

Soo focused on idea 01 and I focused on idea 02 before crit, of course we came and discuss about it beforehand as well.

Initial experiment was to test movements as well editing aspect of our idea. With both videos I experimented with different moves as well as the speed!

01: speed was too fast so I had to reduce the speed while editing and because I was wearing all black all the movements were really muted (can't see properly so I had to focus on upper body as it was the best shot). I left this in colour to compare it to b & w in 02.

02: instead of just using hands I tried to incorporate the head so it could be more diversed. This is better than 01 I think because the close up shot you can see the detail, and also black and white looks more refined rather than the rough experimental feel of 01. I can imagine light shining onto the models so that their muscles and body shape are more defined!

Probably tight-fitted clothes worn so that the light could catch the shapes better...not black though!

paint: Slugs leave a trail of slime (mucus) with their unique scent to attract partner. This inspired me to use a b & w background with only the "mucus" shown (coloured paint). I can see the models rubbing each other with the paint trailed onto each other's bodies. That being said if they were wearing loose clothing the paint would look shitty and not smooth on the surface! So probably less fabric (sports bra, briefs.etc)

Next should try incorporating fabric with the models as experimentation. But overall my partner and I agreed that black and white with the coloured paint looks really well as a final outcome!

Now we also need to figure out location, models and sequence of movement (storyboard)!


After interim crit, we immediately decided to ‘humanise’ the slug, i.e. make the slugs people!

Main reference was from a Japanese sushi ad, where the characters doused themselves with red and white paint separately and ran towards each other to create a sushi shape…and scene changes to an actual sushi.

We quickly drew up a rough storyboard, including the game graphics (gender percentages, hp levels.etc.). Also we discussed costumes and props etc. 

We both decided on a morph suit instead of my initial idea, referenced from Vlad Stein’s photography, of nude tight fitted undergarments. Models will be more willing and will stay warm as well.

We quickly experimented with the footage.

  • Copyright issue (David Attenborough footage)

Animation transition?

But one person will have to create it or else style will change

Both of us can decide on storyboard and details!

  • More detail on the attracting scene (sexy spray. etc.)
  • Not sure about the hearts! Looks kind of naff
  • We need to decide on camera angles better! Throughout filming we were fumbling and didn’t wear to put the camera…never done it before!

Next we should focus on deciding on camera angles, animation storyboard/transition from film. Find models and decide on venue.


Brand design brainstorm

Final story board


Initial Cut

Feedback from Final crit


Unit 4 Strategy & Identity



Music referenced



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