Unit 4 Narrative & Voice

Research and Development

Start point


Library book research




Raphael Lozano-Hemmer's Voice Tunnel

This really triggered some ideas! An light installation placed in New York during the summer time 2013 where the streets are blocked off allowing people to enjoy the streets of New York.

The idea is that you would speak into a recording piece that would turn on the installation.

IDEA: a mural that reacts to how users interact with it.

   i.e. maybe when you touch it, it reveals another thing???


Interactive LED floor

interactive reactive idea!

So the user would step onto a reactor and something pops up? illustration on the wall?

like an on/off switch....People are more prone to react with an installation! So more of a continuous flow of reaction based feed.


Initial Idea

interactive mural art, activated by viewers stepping on the triggers (arrows on the floor), the image will then switch to the 'steps' (instruction-like statements). LED wall


Interim crit


Tutor commented that it was a bit bland and very commercial. I agree! I think I was restricted to the interactive element rather than concentrating on the actual design.I need to 

I need to put the interactive element to the back of my head....FOCUS ON THE ACTUAL ILLUSTRATION. 

more hand-drawnesque and less infographic.

references to check out: information is beautiful  //  Studio Myerscough //  material - frog tape

 INSPIRATION!!! http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/snake-oil-supplements/




Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti's interactive installations 

you are the driver and engine of the machine. if you don't react with it, nothing happens. it doesn't function by itself.

espelho (2008)

mirror concave and convex when you walk closer/further away from the mirror. 

túnel (2010)

tunnel aluminium framed enclosed 6 meter box that visitors walk through. destabilize the environment as you pass through it. 

All these installations are created where people are feeding the interaction. This is what I want to achieve for mine.

so as for the interactive react idea --> you step on the piece and the wall reacts to it! if you step off then it turns off?




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