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Research and Development

12 Hour interfaces




Doors in 1 day

reference point for the survey, how many doors in a day?

inspiration for one of the experiments: multiple doors interactive game!

But I'll used photographed doors (my own, doors which are more engaging than front doors/doors I go through) because they are just aesthetically pleasing




Saw this on my way home, what a coincidence! Similar to my design before interim crit (see sketchbook for spread), on the other hand it led me to an idea for the cover! 



Monsters, Inc. (2001) movie intro, doors overlapping each other with monsters coming out of different doors! It's like its saying: 'Everyone is welcome!'


Final crit outcome

I need to organise my time better! Too many things that I want to explore but can't/forgot about...

The outcome was obviously not my best attempt, which I was quite disappointed about. However from the suggestions and crit, I know my direction for my zine.

  • more children book-esque/adventure book: interactive door idea but more personal approach (doors I go through in a day)
  • front cover: collage! Different beautiful doors that I photographed...Maybe not the cut out title?
  • photography/illustrations: more refinement and where to put them?? More more more more experiments...

From workshop on Monday, I decided to focus on the interface about doors!

I feel that it is such a mundane and normal thing (liminal) that you interact with everyday but no one really notice how tedious (maybe just for me?) it can be. But one thing that Cath did bring into the picture is the idea of going into someones 'internal door' and how a door is entering into different threshold. This makes the whole interface so much more interesting!

I will need more research and people to interview in order to carry on with creating some content.

  • Doors pushed/pulled in one day: average of 18 doors
  • Do you find it tedious? YES 9  NO 8
  • Would you tidy up before someone comes over? YES 16   NO 1
  • Would you open door to socialise (accomodation)? YES 11   NO 6
  • A door is...

Interactive door game

After a technical workshop on digital publications, I've had this idea of an interactive game! Users will have to go through all these doors (through mouse clicking/hand tap depending on which platform) in order to proceed to the next page! He taught us the idea of using a button to go to the next img. etc.

Emphasise on the point that doors are TEDIOUS as hell.



Interim crit outcome

For our interim crit, I was paired with Celina. And after seeing my publication she suggested the idea of an adventure book! This is similar to a children's book with interactive elements. Choose your own adventure!

This music video by Cage The Elephants was a reference point. The band members enter into different spaces and atmospheres on a 'journey'. 



I was thinking about the idea of a digital publication because of the interactive game! This online zine really engaged my attention by its animated gif on the home page! Makes me think of an animated front cover. 

Of course I'll have to master the idea of the game first. More technical help!! 

But after interim crit as I showed Cath a mock up of the game, she wasn't as enthused about it than the physical publication. However maybe I can add an element of collaging? Similar to the feel of this GIF.



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